WORX Trivac Review - WG505 Blower Mulcher Vac

A recently introduced all-in-one gadget that works as a blower, mulcher, and a vacuum has made it easy to clean garden areas. Now you don't need to spend hours cleaning the garden as this device makes the process super easy and quick.

Trivac mulcher and blower
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Worx Trivac All-in-One

One machine can end your leaf problem for good.

  • Blows at 210 miles per hour!
  • Mulcher reduces leaf volume by 10x
  • Reliable electric motor means no fumes or mess

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WORX Trivac WG505 (Amazon link) is one of the best blower/mulchers available in the market. It is designed to lighten the load of those homeowners who spend a lot of time raking, blowing, mulching, vacuuming, bagging or disposing of leaves and debris to keep their gardens or yards clean and beautiful.

This 3-in-1 device is a reliable and reasonable choice, especially for those who have limited storage space.

In this post, we review the Trivac WG505 in detail and consider its features, advantage, and limitations to help you decide if it would work for you.

WORX Trivac WG505 Review

WORX Trivac WG505 was developed using the latest technology that allows managing all the leaves and debris in the garden perfectly. It is a 3-in-1 compact blower, mulcher, and vacuum in one lightweight, compact, easy-to-use system.

It features a powerful 12 amp motor that works speedily to remove all the leaves to save you time. The product has a fast switch that allows quickly shifting from the blower function to the vacuuming. It makes it quite easy to blow away all the debris and dirt in the garden.

You can also vacuum small leaves from tight areas. It has a detachable collection bag that allows collecting a large number of leaves with easy disposal.

The WORX Trivac WG505 is designed to be easy to handle. It uses lightweight technology enabling you to work in the garden without getting tired or feeling any pain in your arms or back.

Worx Trivac WG505
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2-Stage Mulching System

The innovative system makes it easier to shred all the collected leaves quickly. The shredder blade reduces the waste and lets you handle the task efficiently.

Adjustable Blower Speed

A well-designed airflow regulator makes it easy to increase and decrease the blower speed when using it. At maximum speed, it blows air at 210 mph that easily moves mulch, wet leaves, gravel, and small branches. You can lower the airflow when you want to use it on some other surface so that you don't blow up your flower beds.

Metal Impeller

The all-metal impeller is a nice upgrade as it stands well against hard debris. It also condenses the leaves and debris to a much smaller size for easy disposal. The heavy-duty impeller reduces the chances of failure when the device hits at high speed with rocks or hard debris.

Debris Collection Bag

A collection bag attaches to the bottom of the device body and hangs over the shoulder comfortably with reinforced straps. It holds 10 gallons and does not become heavy even when full. It is easy to empty with a zipper at the bottom that empties out all the debris.

Higher Mulch Ratio

A mulch ratio of 10:1 means the leaves are chopped into smaller pieces and you end up having a much lower volume of debris. This reduces the amount of waste, and it is possible to use it in the garden as nutrients for plants or spread as ground cover for a flower bed. You can alternatively throw it away easily.


Ease of use. The way this device is balanced and the angled nozzle make it comfortable to use. You can hold it with one hand. The nozzle is positioned correctly and requires no extra effort on your part.

Easy transition. WORX Trivac has no separate parts to attach or remove. The blower nozzle is positioned underneath the vacuum tube. You just need to move the lever on the body to convert the blower to a mulcher and vacuum and back.

Easy to carry. The device has a nicely balanced design making it convenient to swing it from side to side with just one hand.

Requires less bending. The vacuum tube being angled upwards makes it easy to get under shrubs, tables, decks, etc. without having to bend down much.

Highly powerful. The blower as well as the suction mechanism are quite powerful and makes the task quick and efficient.

All-in-one functionality. The device can vacuum and mulch at the same time. An easy flip switch makes it possible to vacuum in tight spaces under bushes and between hedges as well as blow the leaves to clean the garden with just one device.

Durable construction. Designed to be highly impact-resistant and durable, the product makes sure that you won't have to invest in another one for years once you buy it.


Having the blower and vacuum integrated into one unit makes it a little heavier than other models in the class.

The vacuum is not particularly effective due to the nozzle design. It is angled upwards and tends to suck debris in front of it rather than what is under the nozzle.

There are complaints of vacuum attachments getting stuck. The locking mechanism needs proper lining up.

The collection bag is relatively small.

Final Verdict

Worx Trivac
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WORX Trivac WG505 is a reliable product that allows cleaning the garden with much less effort. It is convenient and easy to operate and performs well in all conditions. It is an excellent choice for those who want to make their garden cleaning job easier and quicker.