5 Best Electric Pressure Washers for 2019 - Complete Reviews and Comparisons

man pressure washing a deck

When regular elbow grease from scrubbing by hand just won't do, you need to get a power cleaner. These machines jumpstart your spring chores by tackling tough jobs like mildew, mold, grime, and baked-on gunk.

ModelFeaturesCont.PSI / HoseMore Info
Sun Joe SPX30005 quick connect spray tips different cleaning tasks.Dual detergent tanks to hold two different cleaners.2030 PSI, 14.5 amp motor, 20' hoseCheck on Amazon
Sun Joe SPX4000Two powerful cleaning pressure options.Large detergent tank and soap spray tip.2030 PSI, 14.5 amp motor, 20' hoseCheck on Amazon
Stanley SLP2050Can detach from cart for hard-to-reach projects.Strong and powerful, but light enough for home use.2050 PSI, 14 amp motor, 25' hoseCheck on Amazon
PowRyte EliteHighest PSI for extra cleaning power.Adjust the spray nozzle to maximize water pressure.2100 PSI, 13 amp motor, 20' hoseCheck on Amazon
XtremepowerUS XP3000S3 spray tips – 0 degrees, 25 degrees, and detergent.High-quality parts and fittings on a budget model.2000 PSI, 13 amp motor, 20' hoseCheck on Amazon

For me, there is no other way to clean my deck, sidewalks, and driveway than using a pressure cleaner.

Below are my reviews for the top five electric power cleaners, and they each come with amazing features.

#1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Cleaner

Sun Joe SPX3000
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Homeowners short on space who still want plenty of features and options will love using this Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric (Amazon link). It's the smallest of these machines, so it will fit nicely into a little garage or utility room.

With its 2030 PSI and 14.5 amp powered motor, there's a lot packed into this little green cleaning machine. You get 5 Quick-Connect spray tips that fit right over the wand and deliver a spray that goes from 0 degrees up to 40 degrees, plus a soap tip. There's not one, but two 0.9 liter detergent tanks onboard to store different types of cleaners.

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This Sun Joe model also has a TSS (total stop system) feature to automatically shut off the pump when the trigger isn't engaged. That helps save energy. The hose for the wand is 20" in length, while the electric cord is 35' and has a safety plug. After the easy assembly, just turn the dial to "on" and it starts right up, ready to clean your outdoors with ease.

While this unit is small and mighty, it also has negatives we don't care for. Probably the biggest con is that Sun Joe has created its own M22 adapter which is found on their products and only their products. That means it doesn't fit standard accessories.

Buyers will have to find a way to work around that. Also, the lower price is reflected in a lower quality of parts and makes the machine not as durable, with a tendency to leak. The quality control isn't as strong as it should be. But overall, for those with basic cleaning jobs who already have Sun Joe accessories, we'd recommend this as a useful addition to your outdoor cleaning repertoire.

SPX3000 Pros:

  • Comes with soap spray tip
  • Easy assembly
  • Most affordable model

SPX3000 Cons:

  • Tendency to leak
  • Low-quality parts
  • M22 adapter doesn't fit accessories

#2. Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Cleaner

Sun Joe SPX4000
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The Sun Joe SPX4000 (Amazon link) has stellar reviews from over 200 buyers, and it's easy to see why. With its powerful 14.5 Amp motor, 2030 PSI washing, and easily portable design, you'll be able to quickly assemble this machine and use it within minutes of receiving it.

This little green cleaning machine has many of the same features as the Sun Joe SPX3000, but with a completely different look. It has wider dimensions and more stability, with the large wheels and base. This prevents it from tipping over easily.

It has the same 2030 PSI, and there are two different options, allowing you to use the 2030 PSI or the 1450 PSI, depending on the job. It also has 5 quick-connect spray tips that go from 0 degrees up to 40 degrees, plus soap.

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Having a range of options increases the fun of using your machine. This electric cleaner will tackle light, medium, or heavy-duty cleaning tasks quickly and simply. The output hose is 20' in length, plus there's an extension wand.

There is a 35' cord with a safety plug at the end to prevent electrical shorts. We're also impressed with the generously sized 54.1 fluid ounce detergent tank. Add specially formulated soap and clean grime quickly. The total stop system is nice for its automatic pump shut off, too.

As for negatives, this has the same as the Sun Joe SPX3000, in that the M22 fittings only go with Sun Joe accessories. Unfortunately, the parts quality control on these models is not as good as others in similar price ranges, with plastic motor housings and flimsy connectors. You'll need to purchase extra parts more frequently than other models.

We do like this model's good features for lighter or simpler outdoor cleaning tasks.

SPX4000 Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • 5 spray tips
  • Total Stop System included

SPX4000 Cons:

  • Plastic motor housing
  • Need to buy parts
  • M22 adapter doesn't fit accessories

#3. Stanley SLP2050 Cleaner

Stanley SLP2050
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Stanley has created a new and flexible machine with the SLP2050 model (Amazon link). It can sit on its stable mobile cart or detach for portability. With plenty of features and accessories, you'll be able to use this washer for any outdoor cleaning job.

The best feature of the Stanley SLP2050 is its two-part system. You can detach the washer from the cart. It weighs about 35 pounds and can be carried up a ladder, put in a car trunk, or held in your hand while you wash a car. It comes with a decent 2050 PSI, as well as professional grade brass garden hose connectors.

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The fittings are 22mm to fit additional accessories. You also get a 25' hose, and there's a 35' power cord. There are five quick change (QC) nozzles, from high pressure to fan spray, plus a soap nozzle. It comes with a 48-ounce detergent tank. This washer uses 1.4 gallons per minute with its 14 amp motor.

There aren't too many negatives with this top-rated unit. It does require assembly, which takes about 15 minutes or so and you'll need a screwdriver. Also, while the hose is nice and long for reachability, it does have the tendency to kink.

In addition, only lower flow heads can use soap. But overall, despite these cons, it's an excellent cleaning machine for your home.

SLP2050 Pros:

  • Both cart and stand-alone use
  • Lightweight for maneuverability
  • Hose is 25 ft long

SLP2050 Cons:

  • Have to assemble
  • Hose prone to kinking
  • No soap dispensing with some heads

#4. PowRyte Elite Electric Power Washer

PowRyte Elite
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When it comes to size and power, this PowRyte Elite model (Amazon link) is the most heavy duty and blows the competition away. Even though it has the highest price tag, you get a lot of power for your dollar.

It gives you a whopping 2100 PSI water power, using just 1.8 gallons per minute to deliver the highest power for the toughest cleaning. When using the 20' foot hose, there's a retractable reel for easy storage, and it comes with an adjustable spray nozzle. Just twist it to increase and adjust between 0 degrees and 40 degrees, which also changes the spray fan pattern.

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There's also a detergent option to increase the cleaning power from the onboard detergent tank, and a total stop system automatic pump shut-off feature. The 35' cord has a safety GFCI plug to stay firmly in the outlet. The brass connector fittings are perfect for adding accessories from different brands. Despite its size, this model weighs about 23 pounds. You can easily wheel it where you need to go.

This PowRyte model does have the biggest price tag of these models, but you get excellent features. It also has a bulkier design which is more difficult to maneuver into position. You'd definitely need extension cords for car washing or second-story house cleaning.

The hose itself is heavy and bulky. You'll feel the weight after using it for only a few minutes. It delivers power but adds bulk and weight. Overall, though, we highly recommend this electric cleaner for tackling even the dirtiest outdoor jobs.

PowRyte Washer Pros:

  • Has 2100 PSI power
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Automatic pump shut-off

PowRyte Washer Cons:

  • Bulky in design
  • Heavy telescoping hose
  • Most expensive model

#5. XtremepowerUS XP3000S Electric

XtremepowerUS XP3000S
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There's plenty of power and strength packed into a little space within this XtremepowerUS XP3000S (Amazon link). It's got better parts and a larger size than the Sun Joe SPX3000, but is the least expensive model on this list.

The XtremepowerUS XP3000S comes with 2000 PSI, three spray tips (including 0 degrees, 25 degrees, and detergent), a good 20' hose with a retractable reel, and a 33' long plug cord.

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Requiring minimal assembly, you can have this up and running in moments of receiving it. Put special detergent into the tank and attach the soap spray tip for heavier power cleaning.

The red 0-degree tip will tackle tougher jobs like mildew, mold, and grime. This is one of the smaller units, so it's easy to wheel around to your outdoor cleaning jobs. The hose connector and wand can also fit multiple accessories.

While we recommend the XtremepowerUS, it does have a few negatives. The PSI is the lowest of all of the models, so if you are wanting max power, this might not be for you.

It also isn't made by a top brand like Sun Joe or Stanley, so you don't get the same warranty or guarantee with it. There are only 3 spray tips, which is reflected in the price, too.

This is also a heavy machine for its size, at 40 pounds. That weight offers stability, but it could be difficult to pull around. In all, we'd recommend this for the homeowner who doesn't have extremely tough or very frequent cleaning jobs but would like a standard model for maintenance washing.

XP3000S Pros:

  • 20 ft hose with retractable reel
  • 3 spray tips
  • Can spray with detergent

XP3000S Cons:

  • Has the lowest PSI
  • No warranty or guarantee
  • Heavy for its size

Final Verdict

We've put these five electric power cleaners through our own personal tests, comparing PSI, durability, stability, features, and performance. With these criteria, the Stanley SLP2050 (Amazon link) is our selection for the best electric pressure washer.

What we really love is the fact you can detach the power unit for much more portability than any other model. The cart is also large and stable, and the parts are well made, with brass connector fittings. You'll have this machine for a long time.

Stanley SLP2050
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For those on a budget looking for a less expensive model, we also recommend the XtremepowerUS XP3000S (Amazon link). It has a lot of features for a budget model - 2000 PSI, 3 spray tips, a 20' hose, a 33' cord, and a detergent tank.

Either of these two machines will ensure you'll have your place cleaned up in no time.