Unique Garden Gnomes for Your Yard (Really Cool!)

garden gnomes

Garden gnomes have been around for a very long time. Since the middle of the 19th century, actually. Originally from a German sculptor, they soon gained in popularity and began appearing in gardens across the globe.

Today, there is certainly no shortage. They can be found in just about any pose and form. Funny, cute, rebellious, and obnoxious tones are the currently trending types.

Gnomes can create a mystical appearance in your garden, and in some legends, gnomes are said to be magical. According to popular culture, the legend intertwined in these bearded little men is told that they protect the garden from evil forces, come alive at night and work tirelessly.

Let's take a look at some adorable garden gnomes for your garden or landscape.

The Traditional Red Hat Gnome

watchman with lantern
This little guy stands proudly holding a lantern, lighting your path to the garden. If he sees you, he stops and freezes in this position. Maybe you can catch a peek of him coming to life and removing some weeds! (*Wink*)

Darth Vader Gnome

Darth Vader statue
This awesome home-made Darth Vader gnome protects your garden with all the power of the force. Lightsaber drawn, Darth Vader gnome is prepared for anything, even you geeking out over him.

With a pointy gnome helmet and almost grinning helmet, you will add a touch of star wars to your garden.

Full Moon Ahead!

mooning gnome
Loonie Moonie will make you blush first and giggle second. Dropping his drawers to show his fanny makes him a unique addition to the yard, and wil give your Sunday barbecue a conversation piece. What an embarrassing pose to freeze in, huh?! Loonie, put your Moonie AWAY!

This Bad Girl's Ready To Ride

girl biker gnome
Creative additions such as this Biker Chick gnome adds a touch of rebellion and personal statement to your yard or garden. Don't let her sweet face fool you, she's one tough lady! If you listen closely, you will hear the tiny engine on her tiny Chopper fire up as soon as the lights go out!

Pray This Guy Doesn't Wake Up At Night!

zombie gnome
Let's face it, books and movies have driven the train bringing zombies and vampires to pop culture. This Zombie Gnome is a bit scary, and would be a perfect addition during the halloween season. Perhaps he should be caged, though. We wouldn't want any trick-or-treaters becoming the treats themselves...

Romancing The Stone...Er, Gnome

gnomeo and juliet
This legendary duo doesn't have to have a tragic ending, added to your garden they can live in loving harmony forever. Gnomeo and Juliet are offered in a set of two, where they never have to be apart again. Adorable boy and girl set to protect your garden, because the best things come in pairs.

Star Trek Red Shirt Gnome Statue

Star Trek Redshirt
For the other end of the sci-fi fans, this Star Trek red shirt gnome will make you die laughing. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you will understand the humor of a dead redshirted gnome with the saying “Join Starfleet they said, it will be fun they said.” This gnome is sure to be a conversation starter and perhaps even convert a few people to Star Trek!

Where's The Beanstalk??

8 foot tall garden gnome
At a staggering 8 feet tall, this guy will look over your garden quite literally. This guy won't have much luck hiding, that's for sure. If you love gnomes, the Gottfried the Giant's Bigger Brother Statue will definitely make a statement!

The Sailor

us navy gnome
Is there a Navy Sailor in your home? Surely they can appreciate the suit and duffel bag labeled US NAVY on this Navy Sailor Military Soldier gnome. Newly returned from ship, his sailing days are behind him. He is ready to be deployed into your awaiting garden to protect it in true soldier style.

Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Godzilla statue
Or as I like to call it: Gardenzilla. This gnome version of Godzilla makes a great addition to a Sci Fi garden. While Gardenzilla tramples on the four gnomes in its grasp, you may want to arm your other gnomes. Gardenzilla is sure to keep your garden safe from prowling animals and nosey neighbors.

There Is Room For More Than Just The Gnomes

garden fairy statue
Fiona The Flower Fairy speaks volumes in her beauty and elegance. She will proudly grace your garden and be fondly gazing at your plants or flowers. Surround her with lovely flowers and she will bring you years of beauty and joy. She wears an amazing dress, and full set of wings, bringing a fairy-tale into your garden.

Nothing To See Here!

peeing garden gnome
This young elf decided the tree needed watered, and was caught in the act! A unique conversation piece, his innocent goofy smile will warm your heart...Watch your toes!

Appropriately named Surprised Garden Elf Statue, he can watch over your yard, patio, or even your sunroom with delight.

Put 'em Up, Put 'em Up!

Military Garden Gnome

Military Garden Gnome With AK-47 is a perfect pick for the gun lover in your home. This gnome looks down his sight at something threatening the pansy's! Garden protection in true Military Style!

Solar Power Biker Gnome

motorcycle rider gnome
A great partner for the Biker Chick gnome, this Solar Biker Gnome Statue holds a torch that is powered by solar energy, while leaning on his bad-boy bike. Don't mess with this guy, he is a tough cookie!

Where Do Baby Gnomes Come From?

kissing gnome couple
The Solar Kissing Gnome Statue tells a love story between two tiny little garden workers, who are sneaking a kiss under their solar lanterns. The lanterns are charged during the daylight hours, to light their paths at night. Perhaps one day a gnome wedding, and gnome baby!

Two Gnomes Waiting For Way Too Long!

skeleton couple
16" Skeleton Gnome Couple have waited entirely too long, and are awaiting the home garden paradise they have been promised. Now frozen in skeletal form, they must perform their gnomely duties as skeletons. Wonderful addition for the skull lover in your life.

What A Vain World We Live In

taking a selfie
Do you have a selfie king or queen in your home? The constant snapping of selfie images have taken the world by storm, and it seems everywhere you go, there is someone taking a picture of themselves. Selfie Sisters Garden Gnomes is a reflection of the popular activity, and a way to tease the selfie master in your household.

Tie-dyed Hippie Gnome

Hippie Gnome

Even if you do not smoke, you can appreciate the humor in this 'happy' Hippie Gnome. His "Keep On The Grass" hand held sign gives a dual meaning. Belly out with joint in his mouth, he is unphased and unapologetic. Humorous addition to any landscape or home.

Hit The Surf, Baby!

bikini garden gnome
Nothing says summertime like a brand new bikini, does it? Well, almost nothing...This Bikini Babe Garden Gnome says fun in the sun with no shame to her game! She is sporting a string bikini, sunglasses, and her curled gnome shoes, ready for some beach sand and jet skis!

Some Gnomes Like it Hot

Marilyn Monroe gnome
This statue is a tribute to the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. Of course that name is probably copyrighted so this scuplture is titled Singer Party Gnome. It is reminiscent of the legend, and will make all of your other gnomes turn their heads to look.

The Truth About 2018..

toilet phone
Doesn't this Phone On The Throne garden gnome speak volumes about the current times? Everywhere you go people are on their phones, even on that throne! Humorous addition to the patio, yard or garden, and great conversation piece.

Take No Bull!

biker couple
What a pair these two garden gnomes are! "Noschitt and Nofun" are two hilarious leather clad bikers awaiting their adventure, making sure to tell everyone they don't care one bit.. These two are made for each other!

It's 5:00 Somewhere..

beer drinker
Oktoberfest Otto Fully Krausened Garden Gnome is scantily clad in only a speedo, but he won't let go of his beer! A terrific gift for the beer drinker in your life, they will fully empathize with Oktoberfest Otto...

Newlywed Gnomes

wedding couple
What a wonderful memory, huh? The day you say "I Do", I suspect it is no different for the mythical little men and little ladies. The faces on the pair are obviously happy...and terrified! Bride and Groom Wedding Gnomes stand at 14" and are fully dressed in formal wedding attire.

Appreciate A Nurse

A great gift idea, Nurse Gnome will brighten the day of the medical professional in your life. Nurses don't get enough recognition for their hard work and dedication, and this 11" statue will remind them daily that they are appreciated.

These last two aren't related to gnomes at all but are still in the garden statuary family. They are so cool I just had to include them.

Full Weeping Angel

weeping angel
Nothing says sci-fi and creepy at the same time as this full-size garden weeping angel. While your neighbors might mistake you for religious, any doctor who fans will know to keep their eyes peeled as they walk past your house.

I'm sure if you make a deal with the angel, it will zap away any intruding persons while you let it live in your garden.

Crash Landing Flying Saucer

crashed UFO
The invasion has begun in your garden! With this crash-landed flying saucer statue, you add the final sci-fi touch to your garden. This resin flying saucer will let you and your garden guests have the out-of-this-world experience you've always wanted.